Wolves Players to visit Salopian Bar!

Shrewsbury Wolves Supporters’ Club will celebrate the start of the new football season by inviting Wayne Hennessey and Shrewsbury born Dave Edwards and Jack Price of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC to present a commemorative plaque to Ollie Parry, owner of the Salopian Bar in Shrewsbury town centre on Wednesday 29 August at 2pm (in the Salopian Bar). The presentation is in recognition of the support the Salopian Bar has offered local Salopian Wolves supporters over the past year. 

Ollie has supported Shrewsbury Wolves through thick and thin, whether in the Premiership last year or the  Championship this year.  Last season Wolves supporters in Shrewsbury were able to see nearly every away game in the Salopian Bar. This year in the Championship that won’t be possible but Ollie always offers us a warm welcome as well as great beer! All are welcome to attend the presentation.

One thought on “Wolves Players to visit Salopian Bar!

  1. I to am Wolverhampton born and bred and now living in Shrewsbury but like they say, You can tek the lad out a wolves, But ya can’t tek the wolves out the lad..!!!
    I was there and enjoyed the afternoon talking to Wayne and David and listening to some very insightful comments from the pair, although at one stage i did make Wayne blush when i said i thought he was in the top 10 goal keepers in the Country.
    I was not crawling though, as i do think he is and i say what i think, and i think he was flattered by the comment although that was not my intention.
    I also had a bit of a joke about Davids goal against Barnsley the other day in the home 3-1 win, as he dont get many with his head.!!
    Hope to see you tomorrow for the cup match at 7.45.

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