The pain is easing… Solbakken is the salve.

22 April 2012… Wolves 0 Manchester City 2.  A defeat that consigned Wolves to a return to the Championship, the footballing equivalent of purgatory.  And for me and many other Wolves fans a time to feel the hurt, take the pain before moving on. At least for us Wolves fans, unlike many other fans, the Championship is still considered to be a temporary state for Wolves even if the purification process takes many years as it did pre our one season return to the heavenly atmosphere of the Premiership in 2003.   Continue reading

Salopian Bar meeting – a good time was had by all!

Yesterday saw a presentation by David Edwards, Wayne Hennessy and Jack Price to Ollie Parry of the Salopian Bar in recognition of his support to Shrewsbury Wolves. The event was really well attended and the players were a credit to the club impressing with their friendliness and approachability. The event was reported in the Shropshire Star on Tuesday and is expected to be in today’s edition also.

Wolves Players to visit Salopian Bar!

Shrewsbury Wolves Supporters’ Club will celebrate the start of the new football season by inviting Wayne Hennessey and Shrewsbury born Dave Edwards and Jack Price of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC to present a commemorative plaque to Ollie Parry, owner of the Salopian Bar in Shrewsbury town centre on Wednesday 29 August at 2pm (in the Salopian Bar). The presentation is in recognition of the support the Salopian Bar has offered local Salopian Wolves supporters over the past year. 

Ollie has supported Shrewsbury Wolves through thick and thin, whether in the Premiership last year or the  Championship this year.  Last season Wolves supporters in Shrewsbury were able to see nearly every away game in the Salopian Bar. This year in the Championship that won’t be possible but Ollie always offers us a warm welcome as well as great beer! All are welcome to attend the presentation.

True colours…. treachery afoot.

The season is only days away and Wolves fans are at last seeing  those players who have their eyes on maintaining their premiership status showing their true colours and these are not gold and black. 

Michael Kightley joins a long list of players who have spent most of their Wolves career off the pitch and then when they have a chance to show their loyalty take a selfish path. Well that’s all well and good but don’t expect to be respected for it!  

The transfer of Steven Fletcher, the Shrewsbury born Scottish international, was always on the cards  yet only for the right price. Wolves fans would have taken his transfer with good grace if he had stayed out of the transfer negotiations. Instead he slaps in a transfer request with days to go until the end of the season. He is reported to have said he does not want to play for Wolves first team again and is willing to play out his remaining 3 years of contract in the reserves. Nice mature attitude. Thanks for that Steven.

Then Matt Jarvis joins the fray to put pressure on Wolves to take a lesser amount than the 10m he is valued at by the club.  He failed to turn up for the game yesterday due to an illness. Funny coincidence. Get well soon Matt.

Then there is Berra and De Vries who also want away. How many others are in the transfer closet? Let’s not forget these are the players who took the club down.  Wolves must stand strong and refuse to be intimidated. Whatever their valuation  is for these players they must get. And if there’s a difference the player should be invited to make it up. Any takers???



Official – Wolves are a team divided. The truth will out… records galore broken

The latest interviews by Ward and Hunt confirm what all Wolves fans have known for some time. The team has not been pulling together since the arrival of Roger Johnson. There are two possible reasons for this – Johnson and the rest. Both must shoulder their share of the blame. The additional revelation that McCarthy trained the team too hard and that Connor has changed the training regime to be less arduous is seen by some players to be a positive! What planet are these players on? Surely they can add up…well it’s not hard but here we are 1+0+0+0+0+0+0 =1. Continue reading

Record seventh consecutive home loss – TC’s No 2 status safe and secure

Following my blog last week suggesting that McCarthy should return for the run-in – just look what happened. Big Mick does interviews saying he would not rule out a return to the club but the time may not be right (Mick I only ever mean’t you to return until the end of the season!) and there was a good deal of ‘terrace talk’ yesterday that Mick had been offered a million pounds by the Board to do so. However again it was left too late and as everyone I spoke to at the game agreed; yesterday was a must win and we lost. I can only assume we all agree we are down. The must win game has come and gone and us with it. In the hope that my waving of the white flag may inspire our band of mainly well overpaid Championship players I pronounce that Wolves are going down. Continue reading

Would McCarthy have lost last four games conceding 14 and scoring 2?

Here’s a radical thought…why doesn’t Morgan get on the phone to Mick and parachute him back into Molineux? The failure of TC to be radical and move on from the McCarthy era was evident when we went down to Norwich yesterday. We may as well have the real thing! New managers should bring with them a ‘bounce’ factor..TC’s ‘bounce’ consisted of one point and since then he has lost 4 straight games conceding 16 goals and scoring just 2, an average defeat of 4-1 if I’m generous! But then he is not really new. Indeed he is in regular contact with Mick and one can only assume they are talking about football and not the results of X Factor. Continue reading