New Year Resolutions for the Molineux Management

Following Solbakken’s  recent declaration that he would expect to be sacked if he loses fifteen games in a row it’s worth considering his appointment to be a long term project! As we don’t hear much from Messrs  Moxey and Morgan these days we have to assume they appointed the Norwegian on the basis that they wanted a ‘new broom’ and a new broom sweeps clean. This, of course, followed the ‘nearly the same broom’ approach applied when they appointed Terry Connor.

Based on the above assumption here are my suggested New Year recommendations for Moxey, Morgan and Solbakken.

If we look at Stale’s work as a project then let’s consider what was asked of him. We know from the little Moxey has said is that Solbakken was under no pressure to gain promotion this season. Therefore the what was likely to be either (a) play off place or (b) survival. Could we ask the Molineux landlords to advise us which it is? Then we can adjust our expectations accordingly. Wolves long suffering fans don’t ask much so give us this.

So on your return from holiday (why couldn’t fans be given the spare seats in the Board area as there were more empty than taken on Saturday)  let us know the objectives you have set for this season. Six months too late but it’s better than nothing.  As we don’t know the answer for the purpose of this blog let’s assume it was survival and mid league mediocrity.

The pressure then moves to the manager. Not to achieve anything tangible this season. Rather to (a) set out clearly his desired playing style (no-one can discern any consistency in style at the moment) and (b) to clear out those players who don’t fit into this approach. Simple.

A start would be for Solbakken to do a press interview and spend 15 minutes just telling us what his football philosophy is. We know what McCarthy’s style is ….100% effort, play to strengths, team work and keep it simple tactics. Secondly to sell, give away or loan out those players  who are not wanted and to buy in replacements. (he’s had six months to find this out and to target new signings).

Over to you M M S…












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