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Carl Broome
Shrewsbury Wolves was Carl’s brainchild back in 2002. Having seen successful supporters clubs existing in many far off places, he believed that Shrewsbury, with its healthy Wolves following, should have a group of its own. The first effort at creating a Shrewsbury Wolves was a semi-success, confirming that such a club would be welcomed in Shrewsbury. Despite the original SW eventually breaking up, Carl always believed he had learnt enough from its mistakes to set up another attempt in the future, and this is what happened in 2006. So far the new SW has been a great success and looks like it will certainly go the distance.

Carl attends Wolves games on a regular basis although he is no longer a season ticket holder. He started watching Wolves back in 1987 as a four-year-old and is proud to have stood on the old South Bank, albeit on a milk crate or clinging to the steel work along the side wall. His all-time favourite player is Mike Stowell and his greatest memory of watching Wolves is the Play Off Semi Final away at Reading which just overshadows the final itself.

“It was such a fantastic night because no one really expected us to make the final having such a slender lead from the first leg – Reading just needed a goal. But we defended resolutely and when Alex Rae came on and scored the away end went absolutely mental, while you could hear a pin drop in the home fans. It made the 9 hour queue for tickets with Dave and Rob well worth while.”

James Brinkler
James has been involved with Shrewsbury Wolves during both attempts and is responsible for the wonderful website you are reading now as well as much more. Whenever Shrewsbury Wolves needs something producing, be it a newsletter, email or event programme James always delivers a wonderful design. Being a designer by trade he is well experienced in such matters.

James has been a season ticket holder in the South Bank since it’s opening in the 93/94 season and sits with his father Robin and his brothers. His all time favourite player is Steve Bull who he was thrilled to meet back in 2003 when Bully visited Shrewsbury Wolves. His first game was Aldershot away in 1989.

His favourite moment in his Wolves supporting days was the Play Off Final at Cardiff.

Gerald Bebbington
The man who oversees Shrewsbury Wolves’ finances is a life long Wolves fan and has attended countless games at Molineux as well as many around the country at grounds which have mostly since disappeared. He also has countless stories about watching Wolves, most of the time with his wife Phyllis and also children Sue, Steve and Simon.

Gez was one of the original members of Telford Wolves over 25 years ago, has been with Shrewsbury Wolves since the very start and has been a big supporter of our supporters club. Telford Wolves was his choice of transport to Wolves games for many years, taking in four trips to the old Wembley to watch Wanderers (1974 and 1980 League Cup finals, FA Centenary and 1988 Sherpa Van Trophy). His all time favourite trip however was more recent as he made the journey to Cardiff for the Play Off final.

Gerald’s all time favourite players are from two different era’s, the first being former captain Mike Bailey, while more recently the legend that is Steve Bull.

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